We are living longer and more actively — how you make your savings last and maintain your standard of living presents a financial planning challenge.

We passionately believe that everyone should have a Financial Plan that is regularly monitored and reviewed to help fund their retirement needs.

There are generally 3 main streams of income in retirement;

  • Centrelink Age Pension
  • Superannuation/Pension
  • Personal Provision (investment properties, share portfolios & cash)

Our role is to assist you to build and understand how your financial resources will provide for you after you've received your last pay cheque;

  • Develop a Financial Roadmap that takes advantages of the generous tax concessions available in retirement
  • We will help structure your investments to provide a tax effective and rising income stream
  • Provide financial projections regarding the longevity of your money and sustainable spending rates
  • Assist in understanding your entitlements with Centrelink
  • Discuss your Estate Planning needs to ensure a tax efficient transfer of your wealth to your family