Buying a Home

We will put together a roadmap to guide you through the process of buying a home. We’ll take the confusion and uncertainty out of the big decision by highlighting all the important financial issues you need to consider to make sure the home purchase is done right!

Buying a home is not just one of the most exciting decisions you will make but arguably the most important. It can have the biggest impact on your long-term financial security – in a good way or if you get it wrong… in a bad way.

Whether you are;

  • Buying your first home
  • Buying a bigger home for the family
  • At an age where you are considering downsizing
  • Wanting to help your children enter the property market
  • Property investment


Such big decisions create a mixture of confusion, excitement and uncertainty. Questions like; how much should I borrow, what deposit should I have, what structure should I purchase, what are the hidden costs, how can I be mortgage-free faster, how’s this decision going to affect my other financial and lifestyle goals we want to achieve?

We help answer these questions (and some others you probably haven’t thought about). At Flinders Wealth we can put together a roadmap that provides you with clarity and understanding that will empower you to make smart long-term decisions and avoid costly mistakes. We give you the knowledge to move forward with confidence.